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    A brief introduction of Research Institute of Zhejiang University-Taizhou

Research Institute of Zhejiang University-Taizhou (RIZT), a local government-sponsored institution, is a regional research and development center for manufacturing industry. RIZT is the joint effert between Taizhou city government and Zhejiang University, and whose mission is to strengthen collaboration between city and university, including technology transfer and industrialization, human resources culture to meet Taizhou's urgent demand for talents. RIZT strives to become the catalyst of the integration of academics and industry, and the accelerator of the economic and social sustainable development of Taizhou city.

Through combining with the industrial foundations in Taizhou and the technology and human resources in Zhejiang University, RIZT will integrate scientific research, technology transfer and industrialization into one. RIZT will focus on the fulfillment of the development of Taizhous economy. It is the RIZTs belief that with its fulfillment, it will become domestic top-level base of science and technology innovation, human resources culture, and advanced technology, striving for overall development of science and technology and education of Zhejiang University, and economic and social development of Zhejiang province, including Taizhou.

Located in Taizhou city, Zhejiang, RIZT also has branch offices in Hangzhou.

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